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Expert Auto Key Makers in Sacramento CA

Quickey Low Cost Auto Key has been at the top among expert auto key makers in Sacramento CA, for years. Our budget-friendly services for key making always remain available 24/7. We also make duplicate keys for your vehicles so that you don’t face any problems if you lose one. Moreover, if you have only one key and you lose it and don’t find a way to unlock your car, we will reach you in this emergency condition and unlock your vehicle. We also change the locks of your home and also repair them to increase its security.

Expert Auto Key Makers in Sacramento CA

What We Offer

Auto Key Maker

The expert auto key makers in Sacramento, CA, are your go-to solution for any car key needs. From cutting new keys to replacing lost ones, we get you back on the road quickly.

Key Duplication

With our key duplication service, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have spare keys readily available. Whether it’s for your home or vehicle, our expert locksmiths make accurate duplicates.

Car Unlock Services

Our car unlock services are designed to offer swift assistance when you are locked out of your vehicle. With our team available 24/7, we prioritize your convenience.

House Lock Changes

Trust our skilled locksmiths for reliable house lock changes that enhance your property’s security. We offer various high-quality locks to choose from for your place.

House Lock Repairs

Don’t let damaged locks compromise your place’s security. Our House Lock Repairs service is tailored to restore the functionality of your locks efficiently and effectively.

House Lock rekey

When it comes to house lock rekey services, our experts excel in providing a cost-effective solution to enhance your security. By altering the internal mechanisms of your locks, we render previous keys.

House Lockout

Accidentally locked out of your house? Our reliable House Lockout service is here to save the day. With our rapid response time, we ensure to terminate your lockout situation’s severity.

Office Lock Changes

Upgrade your workplace security with professional office lock changes. Our expert locksmiths ensure seamless installation and offer tailored solutions to your office security needs.

Office Lock Repairs

Our skilled locksmiths provide efficient and reliable repair services for office locks, ensuring optimal security and functionality to protect your workplace and assets.

Office Lock rekey

Enhance security and control access to your workspace. Our expert locksmiths will rekey your office locks, ensuring only authorized personnel have the right keys for entry.

Office Lockout

Office Lockout is your quick solution to regain access to your workplace. Our professional locksmiths provide efficient and reliable services to help you get back to business quickly.

Connecting the program with the existing key

Enhance your existing key’s functionality with our innovative connecting program, seamlessly integrating advanced features to unlock a world of convenience and security.
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Expert Auto Key Makers in Sacramento

Welcome to expert auto key makers in Sacramento CA, where we offer a comprehensive range of professional locksmith services for both residential and commercial areas. As an Auto Key Maker, we specialize in cutting and programming new keys for vehicles of all models. Whether you’ve lost your car keys or need a spare key, our skilled technicians have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to provide efficient and reliable key duplication services.
We, as the expert auto key makers in Sacramento CA, also handle house lock changes, providing you with a fresh start and enhanced security for your property. We also offer house lock rekey services, which involve changing the internal components of the lock to render existing keys and provide you with a new set of keys, ideal for situations where you need to revoke access to previous key holders. In the unfortunate event of a house lockout, our team is available 24/7 to swiftly assist you in regaining entry to your home or office, ensuring minimal disruption to your day. Trust us for all your locksmith needs!


Frequently Asked Questions

Auto key maker services involve professional locksmiths using specialized equipment and techniques to create replacement keys for vehicles. These locksmiths can generate new keys from scratch.
Key Duplication services focus on creating additional copies of an existing key. Our professional locksmiths can replicate your keys precisely.
Car unlock services help individuals who lock themselves out of their vehicles. Trained locksmiths use specialized tools to safely and efficiently unlock your car, allowing you to regain access without causing any damage.
House lock changes refer to the process of replacing your existing locks with new ones. This service is beneficial in situations where you want to upgrade your security or if your current locks have become damaged or outdated.

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We, as the best auto key makers in California, are on a mission to offer exceptional locksmith services to our customers to ensure safety and security.

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We, as the best provider of key duplication services in Sacramento, California, always ensure on-time arrival to save our customers from trouble.

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Whether you want to change the locks of your home or want to duplicate your vehicle’s key, we always offer free estimates.

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Our vision is to become the leader of Sacramento locksmiths for car unlocking in the coming year and expand the arena of our services nationwide.
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